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1. MC1: Mobile Automated Testing 101
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Andrew PollnerPatrick Quilter, Quilmont

With so many different applications and devices, the need to test functionality in an automated fashion is imperative. Before leaping into the tasks of acquiring tools and developing automated scripts, it’s important to understand the complexities that make up the mobile arena.  This session takes a deep dive into understanding mobile fragmentation (hardware, operating systems, and carriers) and what that means for suitable testing.  This session also explains the different application types (native, web, hybrid) and concludes by discussing the popular functional automation tools that are available to testing teams.  

2. MC2: Mobile Test Automation in Real Life
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Fred BeringerFred Beringer, SOASTA

Mobile apps have brought a whole new set of challenges when it comes to testing: Fast paced development cycles with multiple releases per week, multiple app technologies and development platforms to support, tons of devices and form factors, and additional pressure from enterprise and consumers less patient with low quality apps. With these new challenges, come a new set of mistakes testers can make!

Fred has worked with dozens of mobile test teams to help them avoid common traps when building test automation for mobile apps and would like to share some best practices that could be useful to a lot of developers and testers starting with mobile test automation. In this talk, Fred will bring some real stories (struggles!) and how small changes in process made these mobile apps 10x more reliable!

3. MC3: Efficient Mobile Test Automation Using the "Hybrid" Approach
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Yoram MizrachiEran Kinsbruner, Perfecto Mobile

In this session we will address the key considerations in choosing the right mobile test automation approach and present a Hybrid approach that enables the true mobile user experience to be transformed into an automated test case across multiple devices.

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