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1. TM1: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Achieving Software Quality Without Organizational Commitment
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Peter Varhol & Gerie Owen

Peter Varhol, Seapine Software & Gerie Owen, Independant Consultant

Many organizations just are not committed to quality. These organizations don’t value the expertise, commitment, and initiative of their test team or they have no quality process or test team at all. In organizational cultures where holding your nose and pushing software out the door is considered best practice, test managers are challenged to develop inventive ways of recruiting and retaining staff, finding the time to perform the essentials of testing, and identifying and ensuring that important defects are examined and addressed. Presented by Gerie Owen, MBA, M.Ed. and Peter Varhol, MA, MS, this talk provides ideas for test managers who don’t have the time or resources to do their jobs in the way they were trained.

2. TM2: Testing Requires Continuous Pioneering
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Martin Pol

Martin Pol, Polteq

Testing is a real profession. It took a couple of decades to achieve this. The evolution of testing can be compared with the development of any craft or industry for example the photography, telephone or automotive industries. In the beginning pioneers of different crafts worked closely together in a very flexible (agile) way to find the initial solutions and show the first benefits. After this period the required standardization and structure is established. This structuring process is in fact a prerequisite for maturing to a professional level which enables continuous high level contribution and innovation of testing, now and in the future. In this presentation Martin Pol travels through time, from the early, pioneering days to today and what’s more important, what’s up tomorrow? 

3. TM3: How to Collaborate Between Testing Teams and Different Business Units
Conference Tracks/Test Mgmt Teams & Communication

Regg Struyk

Regg Struyk, Polarion Software

Importance of collaboration between your testing team and other departments is often underestimated. Wrong communication can cause many problems. If a project fails due to wrong communication it can be really expensive so testers and requirement managers need to find a way to collaborate. Participate in this session to learn effective communication strategies to help your organization run more efficiently.

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