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1. TA1/AG1: Bringing together traditional QA and Agile development with Software Lifecycle Integration
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Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs, LexisNexis

As Agile becomes commonplace, QA organizations are facing new challenges with their tooling. Traditional test management tools are still very effective and necessary but QA teams also need to use Agile tools to track their tasks and stories. Agile QA teams are spending more time bouncing between their multi-vendor test management, agile, defect management and requirement tools. The result is wasted time, poor collaboration and limited traceability.

Similar to how functional test automation reduces costs and improves time to market, automating the flow of data between disconnected Test Management and Agile tools can have similar positive impacts within an organization. Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) is an emerging discipline within Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) focused on delivering a connected software delivery lifecycle. This discipline emerged from the need for organizations to connect their disconnected software delivery disciplines to increase productivity and quality and reduce cycle times, coupled with the reality that software delivery will always include a collection of tools and different disciplines.

2. TA2: Automated Random Tests in a Marketplace Systems
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Andrew GillisLars Wahlberg, Aguil

A marketplace system supports automatic matching of incoming orders in real time and determines trades and order events. The ramifications associated with a failure in this type of system could be catastrophic, thus a strong, reliable and robust testing strategy is a critical component to its successful delivery. This presentation will describe combat proven test strategies that have been used for marketplace systems that would also prove useful for other high priority systems. Strategies including the implementation of extensive functional tests that were largely automated, random tests for stability, performance tests as well as redundancy tests. Also learn how manual exploratory testing and defect analysis are included to round out the overall test strategy. 



3. TA3: Using Test Oracles in Automation
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Noah Hojeberg

Noah Hojeberg, Scila AB

This talk explains different approaches to using oracles in automation and how they may be used to improve automated testing of Market Surveillance Systems and Trading Systems. The purpose of the talk is to give ideas on how to make test automation more efficient and powerful using oracles with random tests and automated regression tests. Several oracle strategies will be discussed and real world examples of test automation with oracles will be given for each strategy.

4. TA4: Automation in a FDA Validation Enviroment
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Todd Ford

Todd Ford, Philips Healthcare

A discussion on QA automation Functional and Performance based in a FDA Validated application.

5. TA5: About the TABOK
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TABOK Board Representative

TABOK Board Member

The Test Automation Body of Knowledge (TABOK) is a tool-neutral skill set designed to help software test automation professionals address automation challenges that are present in the world of software testing. Join this presentation for a brief introduction to the skill categories that compose the TABOK.

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