Why Attend TestKIT

As the disciplines of testing and test automation continue to grow, it becomes necessary for it's professionals to keep pace with that growth. Participate in the EECAACconference to learn new skills, gain insight on how others perform testing and test automation activities, increase your personal knowledge, help to grow your organization and much, much more!


Top Ten Reasons to Attend the EECAACConference

  1. Take advantage of highly informative tutorials
  2. Gain inspiration from multiple keynotes presentations delivered by high profile professionals
  3. Gather information on the latest automation tools and implementation approaches
  4. Expand your knowledge of performance and security testing
  5. Learn the latest agile testing techniques
  6. Increase your knowledge and understanding of emerging trends in mobile technology, crowdsourcing, virtualization, the cloud.
  7. Networking with peers and industry leaders
  8. Be the first to learn who the leading test automation tools and resources are by participating in the live 4th Annual ATI Automation Honors Award Ceremony
  9. Participate in TABOK Certification Preparation courses and even leave the conference a certified automation professional.
  10. Collect ideas to communicate to and help grow your organization