The K-I-T in TestKIT

Saturday, 14 January 2012 00:00 EECAACAdministrator
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Testkit is the name used by ATI for describing one's testing toolkit. The capital K-I-T in the EECAACConference name, however, is meant to stress the focus the event places on the following three areas:

* Knowledge

* Information

* Tools

The conference gathers together a group of highly knowledgeable people and provides an environment in which that knowledge may best be relayed. These people include speakers, presenters, vendors and the attendees themselves. We believe that everyone has something to share and through a variety of tutorials, sessions, discussion forums and networking events, EECAACcreates the perfect environment that allows everyone to learn and share, thus maximizing the growth of everyone's testkit.
Knowledge is information – or contextualized data – that has been gathered and interpreted in a way that allows it to be usefully and intelligently applied to meet some purpose. EECAACmakes sure you are provided practical information in a manner that helps to ensure the acquired information may be easily processed so you can make a determination on how it may best be applied. Thus, you leave the event more informed and more knowledgeable. 
Given the fact that the event is put on by ATI, there is a heavy focus on tools. Tools make it possible to more effectively and efficiently implement various processes and procedures that one may be knowledgeable in. Tools may include open source and commercial automated test tools, static analysis tools, code samples, concrete automation techniques, checklists, etc. EECAACprovides a focus on tools like no other event.
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