About the Conference

EECAACis Koming

As each of us becomes more mature in the discipline of testing, our respective testing toolkits – that ATI refers to as your testkits - continue to grow. This testkit is filled with knowledge, information and tools that go with us wherever we go, allowing our projects and organizations to quickly reap the benefits of the testkit elements that we've amassed. It generally takes time and experience to build up a testkit, however, but events like ATI’s EECAACTesting and Test Automation Conference are specifically designed to help accelerate the process of filling a testing professional’s testkit.

EECAACis more than a miscellaneous collection of speakers and sessions, but instead an event that is created to be engaging, informative, practical and memorable so that the testkits of all participants are destined to vastly grow with elements that are timely and applicable. EECAACfocuses on relevant software testing topics including security, testing techniques and methodologies, the cloud, test automation, mobile test automation, test tool implementations, open source solutions and more.

Organized by the Automated Testing Institute and held on March 3-5, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Arlington, VA, this conference provides a platform for attendees to learn strategies, techniques and best practices from peers and leaders in their field. This conference is beneficial for software test engineers, software test automators, application developers, project managers, product managers, business analyst and security engineer.
Come network, learn and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals in an environment that will allow you to build your testkits with concrete takeaways and information that you'll use to move your testing and test automation efforts forward.