AT4: Tapping Into Your AUT's Object Model

Nick Olivo

Nick Olivo, SmartBear

Upon starting to create automated tests many test automators realize, to their dismay, that some of the objects within the application aren't as easy to work with as expected; buttons on ribbons aren't easily recognized, there is difficulty in figuring out how to detect tree nodes, or controls embedded within a grid. The solution to this is to tap into the native properties and methods of your application, and this session will show you how. Additionally, this talk will touch on automating certain actions outside your GUI, such as how to verify your application has sent an email, how to verify that files from an installer were laid down properly, and more. The techniques taught in this session can be incorporated into any automation framework, be it commercial or open source. JScript and Python will be used in the session, but the concepts can be translated to any language.